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In Montalcino, spring has arrived!

During our brief experience as winemakers in Montalcino, we have experienced each season as distinct yet unpredictable.

When winter passes with little rain and the absence of the snowfall that ensures well-being for the crops, and when instead it rains heavily, making pruning and vineyard maintenance operations difficult.

This winter of 2024, balanced in terms of rainfall on one hand, has been characterized by temperatures generally higher than the averages of previous years, which has led to the early budding and flowering of fruit trees (apricots, almonds, and pears). We cannot say whether this is good or not; certainly, in past years, it has happened that in the first days of April, storms from Northern Europe brought such cold temperatures as to dry out all the blooms.

Today, in mid-March, we have finished the dry pruning, repaired broken columns, removed stones, tightened the tensioners and wires that will support the new growth to form the espaliers where the clusters will ripen for what we hope will be "a good harvest."

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