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SPRING IS COMING! After a short break, work has resumed in the vineyards, where the plants are prepared through dry pruning techniques such as Guyot and Cordone Speronato, depending on the more or less vigorous position of the vines. All strictly Sangiovese Grosso, to be clear, what they call "brunello" in Montalcino.

Vineyard work is complemented by maintenance: stones that surface after plowing are removed, broken or weakened support columns are replaced, new plants are added where "esca disease" and seasonal ailments have dried up some plants. Support wires are pulled, and tutors are reinforced or replaced. All this to bring the vineyard to its maximum efficiency for the 2024 season.

The green manure of fava beans and the manure distributed in November mark fertilization in compliance with environmental and biological regulations. The rows between the vines are worked to aerate the soil and facilitate the collection of spring rains.

Fieldwork will continue throughout February and during the first decade of March with the pruning of olive trees and the removal of shoots and branches.

Soon, we will be ready for the new season and hope it proves favorable!

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