05 dic 2014

OUR 2014 HARVEST (latest thoughts)

Last month, we summarised our thoughts on the 2014 harvest. Today, a month later, we are able to reflect on the results in the cellar and although it’s premature to make an absolute conclusion, we are happy to report that the wines are coming along much better than we initially expected.

Once we put the must in the temperature-controlled tanks, maceration and alcoholic fermentation followed rapidly, finishing on 14th October. The wine was racked off the gross lees and is waiting now with the fine lees for malolactic fermentation that will take us slowly in to the spring.

The alcohol volume achieved is 13.2% confirming we chose the right moment to harvest, the pH is 3.3, which is slightly lower than in the best years when we achieved better phenolic ripeness, but we are happy with the level of colour and aromas. Total acidity measured today is 7.40g/hl including malic acid at 1.5g/hl leading us to believe that malolactic fermentation will reduce total acidity to around 6.00g/hl and following oak maturation this could lower the total acidity further to 5.8g/hl, amounting to the fact that the wine will be age-worthy.

We have decided therefore that for this vintage we will make a Brunello and a Rosso di Montalcino, albeit in greatly reduced quantities than previous vintages. We won’t produce a Riserva but we have managed to keep the style that characterises Querce Bettina: freshness, fragrance, elegance and longevity.

Considering how this year has been, today we feel a great sense of achievement (and relief!) – we will produce wines from the 2014 vintage. Regarding the quality level (star rating aside), we will keep monitoring the progress of the wines and keep you posted on their sensory and organoleptic developments.

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